to the Laboratory of Neural Development and Stem Cell Research. Our team is using state-of-the-art technologies to investigate the process of neural stem cell proliferation, differentiation and migration during brain development. Our approaches could be applied to developing new therapeutic strategies for neural developmental disorders, neural degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's), movement diorders, and brain tumors.

Transposon genetic screen
identifies novel key genes for brain development and disorders...>>NEW!
Brain development
failure of which will lead to severe neural developmental disorders...>>

Two-photon microscopy
enables scientists to observe neural activities in live organisms...>>

Neural stem cells
are cells capable of producing neurons and renewing themselves...>>


  • Our research article Lu IL et al., Nature Communications 2018 is featured in GeneOnline. (2018.8)

Our Cover Stories...

New progenitor cells
Nature Neuroscience features our discovery of a new subtype of neural progenitors ...>>
Our research on centrosome inheritance in nerual stem cells appears on cover of Nature ...>>
Smooth brain
Our research on lissencephaly (smooth brain) gene appears on cover of the Journal of Cell Biology ...>>


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